5 Mobile App Marketing Tips

App Marketing Tips

Congratulations on your brand spankin’ new mobile app! Have you taken a second to think how you’re going to show the world just how awesome and different your mobile app is? I’ve got a couple mobile app marketing tips I want to share with you. There are hundreds I’m sure but these five are the most worthwhile.

Launch your app at the low, low price of $0.00

Remember when you got your hands on your first smartphone and were downloading left and right? I’m not a carpenter, I have no use for a leveler app, nor did I need a flashlight app, but they were free and new and interesting! Interestingly enough I just listed two apps that Apple has since included in the last couple iOS updates….

When launching your app, offer it for free! Why not? Don’t create another barrier to download. You should absolutely price your app but present the free download as a launch promotion. The promotion will carry you further, and there are blogs that cover app promotions where people will get the news about your app. If you’re not willing to go as low as zero – try an introductory rate of $0.99.

Be Unique

Obviously you want to stand out and while this all might seem obvious, but it’s very easy for development teams to fall into ‘group think’ and create something that already exists or offering an alternative to an app but constructing it a little better than the alternative. These are the kinds of app that do not get featured.

So what’s the best way to figure out what app will leave a stronger impression on the user? You want buzz surrounding your app with published articles and links leading to more and more downloads. Show your bar buddies your new app. Do they want to have it right away? Do they spend more than 30 seconds playing around with it on their phones? An app with a unique design or feature has a significantly better chance of making it. Identify your app’s distinctive quality and make it part of the core experience.

Make a Home for your App

A website is a major element that many developers overlook, you have to build a home for your app, where you can post more information about your app, like videos (I’ll get to that in a second) as well as links to buzz surrounding the release. A website for your app is the only place you can freely describe why it’s so great beyond the limitations of the app market description page.

A website will also allow you to use old-school marketing techniques of site promotion like banners, SEO and link exchanges. From my experience, these are the most effective channels for creating a steady download stream. The site should be simple and effective and act as a well designed, unique landing page. A one-page site with a large download button is enough.

Get Tweeting

Get the word out there -- socially speaking. Obviously the platform you use will be dictated by what your app is all about. Twitter is a good place to start, but you might want to branch out to Vine or Instagram as well for a different kind of visual promo beyond 140 characters.

Utilizing Social Media is one of the best app marketing tips out there, the potential that using social media marketing gives you in terms of people seeing your content is huge and you can interact with your users, and answer burning questions about the app and get social with the people who will be downloading your creation. People love being able to interact with a human and you’re providing a unique experience by answering those burning questions!

Create a Promo Video

As far as apps go, I have yet to see an excellent promo video – but have you guys heard of Dollar Shave Club? They don’t have an app (yet) but I don’t think they would have any trouble succeeding with one now. Their promotional video is actually hilarious and I wish more apps would use them as an example.

if you’ve got the creativity to create a mobile app I’m sure you could make an interesting full length video to slap on your website and hey, maybe it’ll get viral! If it’s funny enough. Obviously not every app will have the opportunity for a humorous video but you can evoke some emotion like excitement. For an extra laugh check out the Dollar Shave Club’s second promo for their new product called One Wipe Charlies called "Let's Talk About #2



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