Start Spreading the News: Diamond Lands in New York!

We're excited to announce that we've opened up shop in the Big Apple, at no other than the Fulton Center!

All you need to know about Accelerators

Just over ten years ago it became pretty expensive for new technology businesses to break even or even start a business, that was until distributed computing and the cloud took over. in 2015 we’ve watched the growth of accelerators, a service that provides budding startups with seed funding amounts in exchange for varying amounts of business equity. So let’s check out why and how these accelerators help startup businesses off the ground.

Spot Instances: The not-so-hidden AWS Feature for Savings & Adrenaline

Amazon AWS service has a ‘hidden’ feature, well… is not hidden but is not well known either: Spot Instances.
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Using Berkshelf to work around Opsworks Limitations

We’ve inherited an infrastructure with a lot of of things to improve. I’m not blaming previous engineers, it's just that continuous improvement is part of the DevOps process. One of the items we had improve was the organization of the cookbooks. We had three app stacks with three repositories for their cookbooks. These stacks were pretty similar, so there was not good reason for that.

So, we merged them.

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But… what the heck is Continuous Integration (CI)?

Continuous Integration (CI from now on) is the bread and butter of the DevOps culture, it plays a key role in the production pipeline, but what does CI server do?

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