The ABC's of Startup Funding

The average startup’s greatest struggle is locating startup funding. You have the idea, product, service and manpower, but when it comes to collecting the cash to push your project to market you need a little help and a lot of patience.

We’ve compiled a few conventional and unconventional (yet, increasingly popular) ways to get you that dough you need to get your startup off the ground.

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Using Signed URLs to Offload Uploads to AmazonS3 with NodeJS

There is a feature in Amazon S3 that can help you move your application from the path, in order to upload the files to S3. This feature is called “Signed URLs”, and basically allows you to call the S3 API to return a URL with a signature that you can use later to upload files directly.
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Failure to Launch: Rejected from the App Store

Being rejected from the App store doesn’t mean it’s the end, but it does mean you should re-evaluate what you’ve previously created. Check out some of the reasons your app may have been rejected – it may just be that you need to make some easy changes or start back at square one – but we doubt the latter. Take a peak!

Started from the Bottom: Startup Success Stories

Some of your favorite brands began as startup success stories. It’s not about how much money you have, but the product you pitch. Check out some of the most successful companies and their journeys to becoming the giants they are today.

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Salt Recipes: Multi Operating System Support

Salt recipes and Multi Operating System support is something that we should have in mind. Here at Diamond we use SaltStack to provision our environments automatically. All of them are set up using recipes starting from the developer’s desktop, using Vagrant+Salt, up to QA or production if the application is running in our infrastructure.

As a software development company, one of the challenges the DevOps team faces is when an application runs on client premises. Different clients, different infrastructures and sometimes different operating systems (We develop under Linux, so different distributions can be more precise). Configuration management services offer tools to sort out this issue, and recipes in Salt is no exception.

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5 Mobile App Marketing Tips

Congratulations on your brand spankin’ new mobile app! Have you taken a second to think how you’re going to show the world just how awesome and different your mobile app is? I’ve got a couple mobile app marketing tips I want to share with you. There are hundreds I’m sure but these five are the most worthwhile.

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November CXO Mixer: Big Data, Data Science & Machine Learning

Thank you for another fabulous CXO Mixer! Yesterday was the evening of our November CTO Mixer, held at the spacious Factual Offices located in Los Angeles.

Preseed Notes: Autopartition with LVM

Autopartition with LVM

In the DevOps world, working with preseed can be so so frustrating, but once you start to get the hang of it starts to make sense. Here are some notes we've compiled regarding autopartition with LVM, and more importantly, some examples for you to use.

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