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SaltStack and Terraform: Installing Minions: Option 1

Terraform is a great orchestration tool, and SaltStack is a great configuration management software. The first one allows you to create resources in the cloud (instances, load balancer, databases, etc) and the second is used to provision the instances. Salt works in a master-agent mode, the agents are called minions. To provision an instance you have to install the salt-minion first. I’ve found two options to do it, this article is about the first one.
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Using Signed URLs to Offload Uploads to AmazonS3 with NodeJS

There is a feature in Amazon S3 that can help you move your application from the path, in order to upload the files to S3. This feature is called “Signed URLs”, and basically allows you to call the S3 API to return a URL with a signature that you can use later to upload files directly.
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Salt Recipes: Multi Operating System Support

Salt recipes and Multi Operating System support is something that we should have in mind. Here at Diamond we use SaltStack to provision our environments automatically. All of them are set up using recipes starting from the developer’s desktop, using Vagrant+Salt, up to QA or production if the application is running in our infrastructure.

As a software development company, one of the challenges the DevOps team faces is when an application runs on client premises. Different clients, different infrastructures and sometimes different operating systems (We develop under Linux, so different distributions can be more precise). Configuration management services offer tools to sort out this issue, and recipes in Salt is no exception.

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Spot Instances: The not-so-hidden AWS Feature for Savings & Adrenaline

Amazon AWS service has a ‘hidden’ feature, well… is not hidden but is not well known either: Spot Instances.
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Using Berkshelf to work around Opsworks Limitations

We’ve inherited an infrastructure with a lot of of things to improve. I’m not blaming previous engineers, it's just that continuous improvement is part of the DevOps process. One of the items we had improve was the organization of the cookbooks. We had three app stacks with three repositories for their cookbooks. These stacks were pretty similar, so there was not good reason for that.

So, we merged them.

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DevOps Automation from the Developer up

There has been a lot of discussion with colleagues and clients about automation, I’ve been talking about a process I commonly use and I believe should be part of the DevOps process. When it comes to DevOps Automation, your starting point should be the environment used by the developer and finish in production, let me explain...

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